Maybe you found out you have food allergies; maybe you took the initiative and decided to cut certain unhealthy ingredients from your diet on your own; maybe there’s another reason. But changing your diet means changing your life. It’s not the sort of life-changing thing that gets you hugs from strangers, or spots on Oprah, or sometimes even recognition of your limited diet as legitimate and real. (I think we’ve all met the people who just can’t quite take you seriously when you say you cannot eat something because it has flour in it. Or sugar. Or meat.) But it’s real, and it’s life-changing. You start to divide your life into “before” and “after”: Before you changed your diet, when you could have good, tasty food and eat whatever you wanted; and after, when you can’t. And sometimes the one thing you want most in the world is to be able to eat that one food you liked again, and have it actually taste good; and not hurt you. All you want is for your food to be savory and safe.

We’re here to help you do it. It’s as simple as that.

New entries go up every Friday, though if life hits us in the gut hard and repeatedly, posts might be delayed until the following Monday.  (We’re less strict about this rule than we used to be, but we’re still gonna try to post pretty consistently.)

Jocelyn learned to cook as soon as she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter, and she’s been improving her cooking acumen ever since. Raised by vegetarian parents, she’s been a vegetarian all her life. Now, she’s so good at cooking delicious, filling vegetarian meals her carnivorous husband was perfectly happy to give up meat when they got married. Since he can’t have processed sugar, Jocelyn quickly started experimenting with using other sweeteners, and was soon able to hand her husband the best food he’d eaten in years. Lucky for everyone else in the world, she’s willing to share!

Jennifer only discovered cooking about a year ago. Prior to that, chopping things looked like way too much work! However, after being diagnosed with celiac disease, she rapidly leveled up into an inventive and clever chef. Now, after copious amounts of experimentation, she wants to share her recipes with other people who’re on the prowl for gluten-free options that aren’t just plain gross. Jennifer firmly believes that dietary restrictions shouldn’t equal a bland existence, and she’s happy to find ways to spice things up.