I know, I know, we’re headed in to winter and I’m posting about ice cream? Well … I really have no excuse.  I just like ice cream and this is what I happen to have perfected this week. <shrug> Live with it. This is a tasty ice cream, though certainly not as sweet as most. In fact, it would make a great palate cleanser between courses, should you for some reason be serving a long multi-course meal. However, since I have never had call to do that, I just make this because I find it tasty. You can use either fresh or frozen mangoes, and as far as I’ve been able to tell it doesn’t make a difference. If using frozen, however, thaw them at least most of the way first so that they’ll puree easily and thoroughly. If you’re using fresh, try to get as much mango flesh off the pit as possible–I know it’s a pain, but you don’t want to run short. Oh, and I know that sometimes one can safely sub out a portion of the cream for skim milk to make a lower fat dessert, but that doesn’t really work with this one. You need the thicker texture of the cream to balance out the tendency of mangoes to be a bit stringy (thus making weird texture if you don’t add the nice smooth cream).

I know that I usually ramble on more, but truly, I don’t have that much more to say, so here you go :D.

Tangy Mango-Lime Ice Cream


  • 3-4 cups chopped ripe mango (this is about 4 fresh mangoes or two of the freezer bags of it carried in my grocery store, though yours may differ)
  • 6-8 TBS fresh lime juice (this is about 3 good-size limes)
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream


1. Put the chopped mango and lime into a food processor or blender and run until you have a nice smooth puree.

2. Add the cream (or, if your food processor, like mine, would not hold that much well, pour the puree in a bowl and then add cream) and combine thoroughly.

3. Chill the mixture in the fridge until cool. Put in your ice cream maker as per the usual instructions, or freeze it manually, as Jennifer describes here (and yes, I have that ice cream maker too, and it’s pretty good. Of course, I have it because it was a birthday present from Jennifer, but still :D).