I’m up in Seattle with Jocelyn helping her and her husband pack for another move, so here I am subbing for her blog post today.  🙂  Thankfully this move isn’t as long-distance as the last one, so all the hullaballoo and headache should be over reasonably soon.  Knock on wood.  🙂

Today’s blog post will be a little different:  Instead of doing just one recipe of my own, I want to share a few recipes from other blogs or sites that I use all the time and really love (sometimes with a little modification):  graham crackers, German chocolate cake, and frozen chocolate pie.

First off — graham crackers.  My mother was the first in the household to try these out, and before they were done baking my brother had followed his nose down the stairs to ask what she was making and tell her she was a great mom.  🙂  The only tweak I make to this recipe is that I replace the flours with 2 1/2 cups dough mix.  You may have to add an extra teaspoon or so of cold water, it depends.  The only caveat I’ll put on these is that they don’t microwave very well — so when it inevitably comes time to make s’mores with them, stick to toasting your marshmallows over the traditional open flame.  🙂

Second — German chocolate cake.  This stuff is great.  My mom always, always, always wants it for her birthday!  You need coconut flour, which is a bit specialty for gluten-free flours, but you should be able to find it in a Whole Foods or similar grocery store.  (In a pinch, get some shredded or flaked coconut, run it through a good food processor till it’s ground fine, and there you are.)  There’s so many eggs in this recipe Jocelyn and I were worried we’d be baking a giant scrambled egg the first time we tried it, but it turned out great.  This recipe is right on the money; I haven’t tweaked it at all, and I’ve been using it for years!

Last but not least — frozen chocolate pie.  I adore this pie.  This pie is not safe in the same house as me.  I’m always looking for an excuse to have another slice.  It’s easy to make, it’s creamy, it’s chocolatey, it’s delicious.  You’ll love it.  The only catch is that the recipe in the link is not gluten-free as shown — you’ll need to make your own gluten-free pie crust shell!  Just bake one 9-inch crust at 400 degrees Farenheit for at least 15 minutes, then let the crust cool completely before filling it with the pie and freezing it.  My mother’s been trying to make a lemon version of this pie, so if that works out I’ll certainly let you guys know.  😀

In the meantime, though, enjoy some of my favorites recipes, and bon appetit!